Christmas with Vikings

I spent my Christmas holiday,  with my girlfriend and her family in Denmark. We had a very smooth trip to Denmark. No long lines, no delays, and good wind. Her parents picked us up from the airport and we drove to their house that was about 45mins away. I had lost my hearing on the plane. I wasn’t able to hear much at all.

For dinner her dad cooked some Fisk with a baked type of potatos.  Delicious! I found these vikings eat lots of meat and potatoes!  The weather waa decent throughout our stay. One day sun, one day rain, one day sun, one day cloudy and so on. Christmas eva we all went to the graveyard to light a candle for her aunt.  Then we all gathered at an aunts house for dinner.  We played a game and won little gifts. I was able to do some origami with Stephanies little cousin. She’s just the sweetest little girl.  I really enjoyed her energy.

We slept in the every morning and spent time watching movies.  It’s really important to to do “Hugge” My girlfriends family was very pleasant. I’m really glad I was able to visit and share this experience with them. I hope to return soon.

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How I met my Master

I met my Master through a former lover of mine. My lover started dating a woman he really liked and thought it would be best if we stopped our sexual  relationship. I understood. Since we’re all kinky people. My lover suggested I get in contact with his new girlfriends,  old master. Based on what she’s said about him, he would fit my tastes. So in a sense we switched partners. To date its been a fantastic decision! So I contacted this guy and we met in Piazza Duomo in Milano on a February afternoon. We found each other and proceeded to talk about our former lovers and our kinky interests. We had lunch and spent a good amount of time together. Towards the end he asked if I wanted to go somewhere private and play.  I declined. I have a standard I’m trying to keep of not doing thing on the first date. He accepted and we made a date for later on in the month.  Now it’s  been almost 2 years and we’re still learning and growing with each other. Even though he doesn’t speak much else English he still manages to keep me wanting more. It’s been my first stable relationship. We have a transparent relationship where I share everything with him. It’s incredibly freeing to have honesty and understanding on both sides. I think he’s really attracted to my mind because, I’m so open. Which isn’t always easy to find in Italian women. He says. With that said one day I’ll leave this country and leave him physically. He will always be in my heart and remain a precious person, with whom I shared some great experiences with. 

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The smurf

A tinder experience. I matched with a fella who’s only words on his profile read..”I love black girls.”He had a couple  photos shirt less. I have to admit my first  thought was imagining myself,  running my tongue all over his sculpted torso. Naturally i had to swipe right just to see what would happen and we matched. Before we met he informed me he was quite a bit shorter then me. My first thought was,  what else is new? Italians are small anyways. We met at a metro stop an went walking towards the river. When I embraced him, he smelled amazing!! The navigie is quite lively, full of restaurants, pubs and bars. We stopped at a couple of places to drink something. Basically our first and second encounter were uneventful. I found myself Daydreaming about having a hot make out session with him. We have very little to nothing in common. Aside from our attraction for each others races.  I asked him if he wanted to meet up again, and he agreed.  We chit chatted for a bit once I arrived at his apartment,  then moved to the bed. After a while I found myself without pants and the surf totally naked. I could feel his cock at my front door. I’d say things were heating up.  At one point he begs me to let him inside. I told him no. He said “please, I want to cum. 2mins I promise” I laughed out loud and told him. Yes, that’s what every woman likes to hear! If I would have said yes.. I’m positive that he would have tried to fuck me without a condom. I find this a bit of a turn off. At least mention it! You can’t go raw with ever one. Perhaps it’s just my American  nature. Boh.  On our firsr date i think i mentioned my interest in kink. Anyways during our kissing session at one point he puts his hands around my throat and begins to chock me a bit. I personally love having a mans hands around my neck. He even spit in my mouth. This I wasn’t a fan of but went along with it. I loved his boldness. Also whenever his choking became to much a simply tapped him on the arm. He practices MMA and that’s a non verbal signal they use. So he instinctively knew to let go. Something about that I found intriguing. That was as kinky as it got. I did not have sex with him, no oral sex either. I was very proud of myself for resisting. From our first encounter i knew this could be nothing but an occasional fuck. I don’t think he has the longevity be one of my full time lovers, not even a decent friend. He’s a gym rat and is very much into health and fitness which I find commendable. His discipline is inspiring.  From what i gathered our common interest would only be sex and traveling. Unfortunately  That’s not enough for me.  I mean sometimes it can be but in his case no.  I still haven’t heard from the smurf. He did say it would be a few weeks till we’d see each other but I don’t think he’s interested. NO PROBLEM! On to the next experience! 

I reconnect with the smurf after the holidays. I’m still trying to find some common interests. He’s so quiet and reserved. It drives me insane because I’m the complete opposite. I need someone on my level, socially.  After a couple weeks of teasing,and talking.  I finally decided to give him the cookie.  Now he can officially say he’s slept with a black girl. Due to his upcoming vacation and my schedule. We’re taking another break. We’ll see what happens in the future. 

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Male..Female..Female Fun!

1 bb


If you couldn’t figure it out by the title. I had a 3 sum with my Master!

I’m feeling a little lazy so i’m going to run thought it.

Since it was his birthday a couple weeks ago, we had a guest. A woman. I’ve never been with a woman before but I found it very…natural. He and I spent some time together before she arrived. 

He tied me up before she arrived. Since he knew she was nervous..he thought she would like it if I were restrained . I found it quite exciting as well. My wrist and legs were tied. I was positioned on my knees..I was also gagged and blindfolded.   She came in and seemed pleased to see me like this. I could see part of her in my side view. She was a woman in her 50s. With a round body full breast and ass. She wore all black which included a corset, skirt, stalkings and heels. She had lovely breast.. I had my face between them thought out the night. In the beginning they were both touching me all over my body. Eventually my master touched me with the flogger.  His signel for telling me he’s about to use it. They both gave me some hits with the flogger.

We moved to the one point I was in a 69 position with her while he fucked me doggie style. I think she was licking his ass. Her pussy was in my face so I dived into that. It was smooth and wet. Then we was hot watching his cock going in and out of her pussy. She was loving it, as far as the I could tell. I think she came at one point during that, but I cant be sure. Then he fucked me and came. She licked the cum off of the top of by booty.

We had an intermission, dranks some water, fed each other grapes and danced. That was nice. Then round 2. We were both sucking his cock..that was hot too! Her and I were kissing each other in between licks and sucks. My master was like…and me? He fucked me a second time and came in my pussy.  Since I was close to cumming I began to maturbate and she did as well.I thought I was a squirter..shes worse! It was really something to see. Then we all laid on the bed tangled in each other. An evening for the record books!


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Summer time!




I don’t know what it is about summer that had be doing DIY projects. Last summer is was collecting and drying lavender. I gave lots of it away as gifts. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy the smell.

This summer my new DIY project is sugar scrubs, bath bombs, and hopefully body butter!! Being in Italy i’ll have to ask around to make sure, i’m finding the right ingreidents. So far I’ve made 2 one is a pink lemonade scrub and a coffee cinnomon scrub. I gave the coffee one to my friend as a gift. But not with out trying a little first. Smelling it out of the jar it didn’t smell very nice. I was worried. Once I got in the shower everything hit me. It was great, my skin felt smooth and I could smell the  coffee and cinimon! It smelled so nice. I almost didn’t want to give it to her. Now I’ve got some shopping to do! So many recipes to try! I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

I’m so excited to make these and give them as gifts. Maybe i can even sell some! That would be cool but I like having a hobby. I really miss doing my art. I’ve felt so surpressed being here in italy. I don’t have my own space and kids are around. They get into everything so it’s best not to even go there. Aupair life!

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Pirate Party!

Since meeting my new friends Alessandro and Maria . I’ve been attending events with them. They’re both apart of the Dancehall community here in Milano. Ale is a DJ and Marias boyfriend is one in the same scene. I never thought id be invoved with these kinds of events but here I am. I find myself enjoying them. So from what i understood a Priate party is an illegal party held in a location without permission. This one was in a park at the bottom of a grassy hill. The party didn’t start till midnight. I have to admit that evening was a challenge for me. Not only was the hour late but I had mixed and that left me super fucked up. I was also eaten alive by mosquitoes which was not pleasant. I believe we left around 4am which i was greatful for since it ended at 5am. I haven’t been to another Pirate party since but I have been to other similar events. I’m enjoying my milano experience immensely. I look forward to what’s next! 

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The play party!



My new lover, E and I took a trip to a BDSM club in Milano. It was a spontaneous trip. When we arrived we were out of dress code. With some convincing, they told E he needs to be in some leather, so they loaned him a leather vest. He looked super hot! When we went in we noticed it was a little empty. I ran into a couple people I’ve met at the Munch.

We pretty much hung back most of the evening. We saw some interesting scenes. It was really nice being with him. It was exciting watching him, watch the scenes. While we were exploring the venue, we found some private areas. I already knew I wanted to re visit that area. Watching all the people playing was quite arousing. Eventually we wondered back to the private areas.

We found an empty space where I could give E a blow job. In the middle of our blowjob, I catch a shadow behind E. I didn’t think nothing much of it at first. Until the man comes into our room, with his cock out, practically near my face. I look at him and smile just to be polite. I look up at E and tell him it’s time to go. I nod at the gentleman and we exit the private area. E actually thought, I was going suck this guy’s cock. I almost wanted to slap him. I don’t suck random dick!

We continued our turn around the venue. I really enjoyed how aroused E was that evening. I loved how he would smack my ass randomly, how he’s play with my pussy while we’d smoke a cigarette. We also discussed a few things we’d like to try together. I also learned some new things about him. Like the fact he’s really in to ass licking and has been dying to do so. I told him we could try it, it’s not really my thing.

The party is starting to wind down but it’s not over yet. I’ve been so stimulated by the scenes, people’s outfits and the noises. We decide to revisit that private area. All the larger areas were taken. I could hear moaning, breathing, body slapping together. All I could think is, I want that to! We find a little room in the back. E and exchange oral sex with each other. While he was going down on me. A man wondered to where we were and began to watch. I’m not much of an exhibitionist but I know people are around and could see me. He doesn’t try to participate but he watches me and then begins to rub my leg. Nothing pervy or out of line. Then he goes away. E and I switch it up and get in a quick fuck. Neither one of us came that evening but for me it was impossible. I wasn’t relaxed and comfortable. Everything felt amazing i just need more privecy I guess.

At the end of the evening I did a bondage scene with Francie. I had met her while I lived in Torino two years ago. She recognized me, right away. She had on a wig and only when she removed it I remembered her. I don’t find many people who speak English, so when I find them, I remember them. She had asked me earlier on if she could practice on me. I said of course. It was a very hot scene. She was rough yet soft. She would bite me, kiss or touch pressure points on my arms and legs. She put nipple clamps on my breast and kissed them. I was a little uncomfortable at first because I’m a big girl and I had to rely on her for support.

She told me when she felt I was a bit stiff. “I know you think of yourself as a big girl” ” but I can handle you and I am strong enough for the both of us” It was as if she was reading my mind, so I tried to relax after that. Even thought she was hurting me in a way, I couldn’t stop laughing on occasion. She would yell at me jokingly of course, saying “Stop laughing you bitch, you’re humiliating me!” I’d just laugh even more. I tend to laugh when I’m nervous or feel when I’m not sure how to react. It was a really nice time. All the while E is sitting nearby watching. Later he said it was very interesting. My only regret is that I didn’t have any pictures. Hopefully I can play with her again, she funny and a bit crazy. So she’s right up my ally!

One thing about these types of venues is if it’s your first time, it’s fucking expensive! You have to pay a membership fee. Thankfully it’s only once a year and not every time. At the end of the night we play like 120 euros for the both of us. I was like FUCK! But totally worth it. I will be going back for sure, with E or someone else. I give that venue 7 out of 10 because of their dress code, it pissed me off. I don’t that leather and latex in my fucking wardrobe. Now, I have to go shopping!

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Fat girl shopping!

Since i’ve moved to Milano I’ve been working quite a bit. I have a few side jobs thats given me a nice income. So i decided to go shopping! I ordered from 2 sites i’ve never used before. So I guess this is a trial. I ordered a couple of wigs for the summer. I am a wig and weave kinda girl! I also ordered from Forever 21 plus. I mainly wanted to see there sizes fit me. They have pretty great prices and if I can get a few things from them, ill be happy. Granted im just adding to my collection of things. I keep thinking when i go him its going to be expensive as fuck to send. Mama mia! Oh well YOLO!


As of today I’ve receved both wigs i’ve ordered. I’ve only worn one so far and I loved it! It blends with my natural hair perfectly. I’ve worn the poor girl out! Soon im going to have to switch to the other one soon. the second one its way different from my natural hair. I think i can rock it but I can tell it wont be a favorite. Since I paid for it, might as well use it.

My bikini arrived as well! It’s a perfect fit! I can’t wait to rock it this summer! The other items i bought fron Forever 21 plus fit great as well! I only wish Italy had a store front! Being able to try things on would be nice! All in all im super satisfied with my purcheses!

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Play thing…


I recently made a new kinky friend. I met him this morning for a play session. He picked me up from my house on his scooter. I love riding on the back of that thing! Once we arrive he strips me and tells me to get on all 4’s. He tells me I am to stay in this position no matter what. We confirm my safe word and begin. First he warms me up with some spankings on the ass. Then he inserts a dildo inside of me. I’m told to hold it there and don’t break my position.

He leaves and comes back. He proceeds to eat his lunch, using my back and body as a table. This was a new experience for me. I’ve never been used as furniture before. He took his time between, eating, spanking, and driving that dildo in and out of my pussy. He sure did take his sweet time eating his lunch. Once he finished he left then came back to me. He instructed me to roll onto my back and open my legs. He removed the dildo and began licking my pussy. Since I can be honest here..He wasn’t very good at it. His licks were almost too light. I asked myself ” What the fuck is he doing?” He began fingering me, saying he wanted me to cum. At some point I suck my hand between my legs to help move things along. It didn’t take me long to cum, once I stepped in.

My partner begins to undress himself while im recovering from my orgasm. He goes to the closet to get a condom. He and I have had sex before, so I was prepared. He fucked me for about a whole 2 mins. When he came, I didn’t even realize. This man makes no kind of noise at all when he comes. Its amazing! It’s like he’s fucking me, and I’m moaning of course. Then he says, oh I just came. I was like.. Really? When? LMAO!! There was no change in his breathing, no sudden inhale or exhale of breath, nothing! Well nothing I noticed. My partners can tell when I cum, and I can tell when they do as well. This guy was unusual.

With all that being said. I’d still be willing to play with him again. I can see our play evolving. He’s got firm hands, and a good imagination. While I was at his home. We were online and he bought some toys! We decided on a hog tie kit, nipple clamps and ball gag. I can’t wait for them to arrive so we can try them! Not a guy I’d look forward to having sex with but playing, for sure!





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I almost fucked a VIKING!




So I started using a dating app on my new smartphone. I made a match up with a Viking! Actually he’s a guy from Denmark, here on vacation. We went out for drinks and had a nice time. When we left each other, we had a weird goodbye. I felt like we were going to kiss but it didn’t happen. Later on I messaged him and asked…”was there a missed kiss in our goodbye or am I imagining things?” He got back to me and said no I wasn’t imagining things. He said if I could meet him again, he’ll give me that missed kiss. I was totally game!

So I met him at his hotel room, the following day. I was sure to tell my friend where I was going, room number ect. I arrive and he’s wearing a tight fitting shirt, sweats. He looked so good! You can tell underneath that shirt lies a 6 pack. The short sleeves showed off his tattooed arms. We chatted, then he said he’d like to give me that kiss. It was a little awkward at first. His kisses were very rough and full of wanting. His hands were grabbing me, and pulling me everywhere. We went on like this for a good while. I was going to take full advantage of our time together!. I was so hot and heavy for him. It’s surreal when a fantasy becomes reality.

By the time we had our clothes off, I was ready. He’s about to put it in and I ask if he has a condom. He said, No. Oh god! You have no idea how sad my little pussy became. He said they don’t use them so much in Denmark. I was amazed, but not so surprised! As badly as I wanted to have this one night stand with this Viking. I couldn’t do it! I know!!! I fucking kick myself every day for it.

For once, I was trying to do the responsible thing! Having unprotected sex with him would have been irresponsible. I’m proud of myself for sticking to my guns. But man oh man if he had condoms. It would have been on!! We eventually parted, not having had sex but it was time well spent. We became friends on social media and i hope to see him again! Since I have this Viking fetish, these days. I felt he deserved some time on my blog. He was very polite and kind.

Go Danes!

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